Aqua Ray, it's fifteen people over Europe. In France, it's a team of impassioned members, dedicated to its customer's service for over 10 years, counting :

Raphaël Nicoud : Owner, President and CEO, graduated from SUPINFO, he works on economical models and market development for Aqua Ray, althought he does quite often covers technical briefings and still follows a few customers infrastructure himself.

Guillaume de Lafond : Owner and CTO, graduated from EPITA (Ecole Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées), specialised in IP Telecomunications, he is co-founder of Aqua Ray and insures its network evolution and maintainance as well as technical teams coordination, both R&D and production. 

Loïc Quentin : Production Manager, Engineer ENSICAEN he is our technical support manager and is in charge of the technical support team operations. He works on maintenance of data centers and infrastructure of our clients and on the Aqua Ray system. He offers its expertise in UNIX systems to serve all.

Luis Dominguez Lopez : Systems Administrator, he is the first speaker on our technical support and put his language skills to benefit our Hispanic customers.

Jérémy Boyé : Sales and Marketing Director, he is responsible for business support, graduated from ESIG PARIS, he is the first to help our customers in their administrative and commercial procedures.