Dedicated servers with a flat quote

Let us introduce our new dedicated server hosting solutions, located in Paris, France.
They include up-to-date processors, very powerful RAID cards with 1GB of cache, and of course still Aqua Ray's service quality acompanying you in the configuration of your dedicated servers.

All configurations are delivered in a preinstalled version based on your recommendations. Many options are available online (RAM choice, bandwidth, drives...). Your dedicated servers Business Box can be interconnected in a gigabit private network thanks to our virtual rack service. We also give you the possibility to administrate them remotely via IPMI (equivalent to a KVM/IP).

Aqua Ray offers the most affordable premium configurations of the market. No other actor of the market can support the comparison.

Business Box Range – Powerful Linux Dedicated Server

Perfect for any standard needs of application services hosting.
This range includes the most competitive premium dedicated servers of the market.

100 Mbps of bandwidth guaranteed.

Server RAM Price w/o vat pm  

Business Box LC

32 GB 59.95 €

Business Box XL Pro SSD

64 GB 199.95 €

Apple Range – Mac OS X dedicated server

Ideal for all kinds of services and delivered with the latest Mac OS X version.

100 Mbps bandwidth guaranteed.

Server RAM Price w/o vat pm  

Mac Mini LC 2015

4 GB 49.95 €

Mac Mini XL Pro

16 GB 89.95 €
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