Business Box XL Pro SSD

Business Box XL Pro SSD

hébergement serveur dédié linux

Business Box XL Pro SSD

Aqua Ray offers this powerful Linux server hosting with 3 SSD storage media setup in RAID (0 to 6).

This configuration including 2 Intel CPU Xeon E5-2618L v3 with 8-Cores is the cheapest of the market for such a CPU capacity.

This highly powerful server is multipurpose and is for instance perfect for any project involving the management of heavy loads with great SSD storage media performances. It is an ideal configuration to host a production DBMS (Database Management System).

Many options like RAM choice or dedicated firewall are available online.


Delivery objective, when available in stock: less than 30 minutes after the order.

Installation Fees Free
Monthly price 199.95 € w/o VAT per month
Minimum Periodicity 1 month
Availability within 15 days
Technology Ivy Bridge
Processor Dual Intel Xeon E5-2618LV3
Number of Cores/Threads 16 / 32
CPU/Turbo Boost frequency 2.3 - 3.4 GHz
Hard drives 3*400 Go SSD
Network Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Internal Connection
(From Aqua Ray to Aqua Ray)
1 Gbps
External Connection
(to and from Internet)
100 Mbps
Unlimited Traffic
Network Equipment Type Full Cisco
Bandwidth Graphics
IPv4 addresses 1
Level 2 service: Professional
Pro-active surveillance, phone support, GTR 8h 24/7
Level 3 service: VIP Professional
LAMP managed services included for 2 hours of work and improvements per month, GTR 4h 24/7
+ 25 € w/o VAT per month
Level 4 service: VIP+ Professional
+ 105.05 € w/o VAT per month
Dedicated firewall service
Add a dedicated firewall service (Packet Filter type)
Dedicated firewall service with self configuration+ 24.95 € w/o VAT per month
Dedicated firewall service, managed by Aqua Ray+ 29.95 € w/o VAT per month
KVM/IP service
Activate a KVM/IP service on the server
Virtual rack service
Add this server to your virtual rack (VLAN 1 Gbps)
+ 4.95 € w/o VAT per month

About the Customer Support Service

Commercial Support Phone 5d/7 +33 1 70 80 97 50
Email 24/24
Twitter 24/7 @aquaray_fr
Tecnical Support Phone 5d/7 - 9h-18h
(if professional service)
+33 820 290 108
Online Ticketing System 24/7 From Aqua Ray's customer panel

About the Service Level Agreement : Aqua Ray's commitments

Refund per hour of delay regarding GTI or GTR
(in % of the server's monthly price)
Maximum refund per month 100%

What can I do with a Linux dedicated server from Aqua Ray?

Linux is a free operating system following the POSIX specifications.
It will allow you to easily install free softwares as a package and thus to deploy with limited cost the whole range of usual services that are commonly used on a dedicated server hosting, such as for example:

  • install an Apache Web service enabling it to host one or more websites, optionally developed with PHP ;
  • install a MySQL or PostgreSQL database service that can be useful for instance for most of recently developed websites ;
  • set up a mail server like Postfix for SMTP service (sending) and Dovecot for POP3/IMAP services (reception) ;
  • configure a classic file sharing service for Mac or Windows or install a service such as owncloud that additionaly allows to have a shared contacts database and a shared calendar service.

Linux is a free and open system :
Even if Aqua Ray's team is always at your disposal to assist you in the best possible way, it is a good plus to know that there is also a very good support between Linux users.

  • everyone can also freely consult the "newsgroup".

You wish to customize your Linux dedicated server or need a specific server configuration?

It is possible, we can deliver the desired customized server within 48 hours after your order has been made. Should you have any question about this or server customization options, feel free to:

Contact us

Aqua Ray's Reseller Plan

Aqua Ray provides to Web, communication agencies, or other professionnals a dedicated reseller service.  

For more details on this plan:
contact our commercial team on +33 1 84 04 04 05