What is a domain name?

Domain names are used in all Internet services (web, email, etc...).
They are your identity on the web, and must identify you.

Lets take as an example a company called "Bakery Smith" present on the internet:
The address of their website could be:
and the email addresses of its members

Everything depends on the common denominator: = the domain name that has been chosen.

Generic domain names

Should you choose a generic extension for your domain name such as or Is it better to choose the extension of a country, such as

In fact, even if each extension has its own rules and its own cost, this decision is mainly a marketing choice. You must find the right balance between your budget, the image you want to give and the type of services that you offer.

Is your business intended primarily for french customers? Then take the .fr one which has a good image. Are youare a non-profit organization, consider the .org that reminds of organizations of this type. You can set your imagination free.

Free second-level domain names

Aqua Ray is offering free second-level domain names such as: or for instance.

In these domain name extensions, your name will be easily available and its registration is totally free of charge, although, it works just as a normal domain name.

So what are you waiting for to register your own now?

Keep in mind that you could also use it as a simple redirect :

Example : could redirect to