Outsourced management of servers

Our outsourced management of servers business comprises advice, management, upgrade and security updates of your platforms located in our data-centers (IVY1 and Interxion Par6), on Amazon's AWS Cloud and on Orange's Cloud. To ensure their maximum reliability, availability, and security, we deploy the most efficient human and technological resources to guarantee proactive 24/7 monitoring.

Our team has developed a wide range of knowledge, it is specialized in Linux systems and opensource software.

We are here to deploy the best technology and provide the most efficient and proactive monitoring 24/7 in order to meet your requirements.

Daily operations

  • We maintain, optimize, and secure your platform proactively (network, hardware, web services, denial of services, etc.).
  • We monitor your services and intervene 24/7 in case of malfunction.
  • You can order any new configuration and/or installation of software on your platform.
  • You are in direct contact with our team and your referring expert who knows you and your platform for all your support requests.

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Our fields of expertise

Aqua Ray is specialized on LINUX (all version, all distributions) and open source software. Our field of expertise in pretty extended and contains :
  • network administration TCP/IP, SNMP, VPN, VLAN, routing (BGP, OSPF), and management of network equipments (Cisco);
  • system administration of all LINUX systems, including all distributions and all versions (such as Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS);
  • consulting and help for managing Mac OS X servers; 
  • software administration and setup configuration for any kind of usual "server" application including every application available as a "stable" debian listed at this address : http://packages.debian.org/stable/;
  • expertise related to development upon main languages including PHP, Perl, Apple script, Java, C, C++, Objective-C;
  • DBA expertise (including MySQL and PostgreSQL);
  • expertise around usual virtualization services (including Xen, KVM, ESXi).

Overall, we have the knowledge and the appropriate experience to maintain and evolve technical platforms at the root of all your projects and help you face high volumes and fast growth issues.

Different levels of service

We offer different levels of service depending on your profile and the quality requirements or your service.