Aqua Ray's standard outsourced management (level 1)


The first level of service of Aqua Ray's offer

It is included by default and for free in all dedicated serverhousing or IP Transit offers. It includes the monitoring of the critical parameters of the Client's infrastructure (ping) and a basic support via an online ticket system.

It is a standard service quality, without system administration, and the support for a level 1 service is only operated via the online ticket system, through the customer interface.

Our commitment : to guarantee a qualitative answer after intervention, latest 12 working hours after each incident report ticket is opened (GTI 12h).

Incidents treated by our support department in this case must be blocking problems related to the hosting service: reboot request, problem in the data center, hardware or network problem. We don't take care of system or software problems which stay, in this service level, under the client's responsibility.

Who is this service level intended for ?

To all individuals, independent workers or companies that have the internal skills to maintain and administrate their applications and make them evolve according to their load increase, mastering their configuration as well as the techniques of potential incidents resolution.

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