Level 2 outsourced management

This is the median service level offered by Aqua Ray, it could be subscribed for a single operating system or globally for a platform, it includes the maintenance in operational conditions of your service coupled with security services, updates and customized monitoring.

All malfunctions are supported 24h/24 and 7/7 and we guarantee their resolution within 12 hours.
It also includes the ongoing maintenance of the platform, ie the installation and configuration of new services within a certain operating time per month.

As part of this outsourced management offer, as Aqua Ray guarantees the availability of services, our customers do not retain administrator access ("root") to their platform.

Who is this service level intended for? 
To companies who wish to outsource the operation of their hosting services in order to keep focused on their core business and those that are seeking for a guarantee of availability and a maximum of flexibility.