Level 3 and 4 outsourced management

This is the highest service level supplied by Aqua Ray, it could be subscribed for a single system or globally for a platform, it also includes the maintenance in operational conditions of service coupled with the security updates and extended customized monitoring.

Further more it includes the establishment of a personalized coaching via a dedicated project manager throughout the contract. The project manager reports regularly using written reports of all operations performed on the platform and makes recommendations of functional and technical developments.

All malfunctions are supported 24h/24 and 7/7 and we guarantee their resolution within 6 to 2 hours or less depending on the option subscribed.
It also includes 2 to 7 hours (depending on the option subscribed) of ongoing maintenance on the platform, like the installation and configuration of new services within a certain operating time per month.

Who is this service level intended for? 
SAAS application editors whose service availability is critical to the company's business, which will gradually implement a number of important servers looking for a single point of contact centralizing all the information and a real advice service that will allow them to manage the scalability of their service with confidence.