Shared hosting and emails

Aqua Ray offers different solutions to host your website (FTP server, PHP, MySQL) and configurate a mail service linked to a domain name:

- The Aqua One pack is a lowcost solution that includes all you need to host a standard website (includes latest versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP) ;

- The Aqua Pro Pack is a solution designed for professionals and small & medium businesses which might need to host several databases for example. It's an unlimited pack for those who don't want to worry about space and ressources anymore ;

- The Aqua Mail pack is your private and customized email service, linked to your personal domain name. Designed for professionals as well as for individuals who would like to have an email address as ;

Choose the appropriate package
0.83 €
w/o vat pm
2.00 €
w/o vat pm
9.95 €
w/o vat pm
1.50 €
w/o vat pm
Technical details
Storage space 2 GB of storage unlimited
Bandwidth 10 GB of network traffic unlimited
FTP access 1 FTP User unlimited
MySQL databases 1 MySQL Database unlimited
Domain names
Choose your domain name 1 .com domain 1 .fr domain 1 .fr domain 1 .fr domain
Multi Website hosting 10 VHost unlimited
Messaging services
Managed e-mails 1 Mail domain management 1 Mail domain management 1 Mail domain management
Email address aliases 50 Mail alias unlimited unlimited
Email accounts 10 Mail box unlimited 10 Mail box
Email storage capacity 5 GB for email storage unlimited 10 GB for email storage
When a service is specified "unlimited", it still has to fit our General Terms requirements that your are invited to read carefully.

All our packs are detailed on the left column of this same page and are of course commitment-free. You can pass from one to another as you want, even if it is to decrease the scope of the service, all of this without being charged additional fees.

  • You have a specific need?
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  • You are a reseller or have big needs and would like special conditions?

Don't hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.