Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is all you need to have your private mail accounts, associated to your domain name

It includes the SMTP, POP and IMAP services in order to send and receive emails. It is totally compatible with all the usual mail clients such as: Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla, Thunderbird and of course with your tablets and smartphones of any brand.

To add Web hosting services for your website, please refer to our dedicated offers: Aqua One and Aqua Pro.

This service includes:

  • 10 mail accounts (until 500 in option)
  • 1GB of storage per mailbox (configurable until 250 GB in option)
  • 1 domain included (generic, .fr or .eu)
  • Antivirus & antispam services configurable for each mailbox
  • Out of office service, automatic response, redirection
  • Unlimited alias

And of course, like all the offers of Aqua Ray, you can:

From your customer interface


 By contacting our team


  • Change pack at any time to switch to a larger one or reduce the service, without penalty.
  • Associate several domain names to the same mail service (so that the system works the same way on, or for instance).





  • Our management system based on ITIL, enables us to manage any question or issue with fast response times, whether we receive it through your control panel (send ticket) or the Web (support). For a more personalized treatment, you can reach us by phone.
  • Our daily backup service will allow you to ask for the restoration of your datas within seconds in case of a problem or of a human mistake.


1.5 € w/o vat pm