Become a reseller of our Web hosting offers

Would you like to offer a white-label Webhosting service for your own customers based on Aqua Ray's service ?

We do have our own reseller program for this purpose, with multiple scenarios made to fit any kind of reseller's profiles. Wether your are an independant Webdesigner, a small or big Webagency or a profesionnal of Webhosting services looking to subcontract a part of your activity, we have your solution here.

A white label Webhosting service

Our program's goal is to let you create, modify or delete as much Webshoting accounts and domain names as you like on behalf of your customers so that they get a a fully white label service (with your own logo and colors and no reference to Aqua Ray at all).

As you subscribe to the appropriate offer of our program that most fits your requirements, we give you an access to an online administration panel with special tools that lets you register domain names and Webhosting services with special discount prices.

Our reseller's program details

  Bronze Reseller Silver Reseller Gold Reseller
Access fees
to the program
30 Euros pm 90 Euros pm 450 Euros pm
Technical platform used for the Webhosting services Shared hosting cluster Dedicated Web node Full dedicated
Webhosting cluster
  • 2 eb nodes,
  • 2 SQL nodes,
  • load-balancing included
administration panel
in order to create and modify your customers information and orders
White label customer's extranet
for your own customers
no reference to Aqua Ray is made, you own domain name is used in URLs
and other Webservices
fully white-labeled
including Webmail, PHPMyAdmin, email administration, etc.
Managed hosting and SLA      
with 12h GTR 24/7
VIP Support      
during office hours for evolutions and 24/7 for corrections
Average discounts
over Aqua Ray's public offers
-25% -35% -60%

We can summurarize saying there are different offers in this program that lets you can more or less discount on our service depending on your size and your number of customers.

Reseller Webhosting administration pannel overview

The administration panel lest you create/modify your customer's details along with their orders.

This panel is at Aqua Ray's colors as you are logged in but when one of your customers logs in he gets access to a different interface with your own colors and logo, where all references to Aqua Ray have been deleted and no fees information is available.

From your version of the administration panel, you will be able to create new customer accounts :

Then add and configure new Webhosting orders on behalf of them with a simple click.

After that, you decide freely if you would like to let them have access to their own customer panel but also if they can have their own FTP and SQL access.. or if you want to keep it for yourseld.

Please note that for every single customer you can decide to provide an administration panel in French, English, Spanish or Catalan.

Billing process

All your orders placed for you and your customers are billed directly to you within the same bill each month

This means every service is billed mensually, using a prorata-temporis rule, knowing that you can decide at anytime to close a service which then stops immediately and is not longer billed.

Therefore, you won't ever have more than 12 bills to handle each year.

Become a reseller today

If you are interested by our reseller service, our sales team is here to answer any further quetsion and eventually setup the system for you as soon as today. don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note that if you wish, we can also offer migration assistance services for your existing Websites. In that case, we take cake of moving all your Websites from your different providers to your reseller platform at Aqua Ray for you and your customers as well.