In France, Aqua Ray offers it services based on 3 different data-centers linked together by multiple fibers deployed by Aqua Ray. They are all established in Paris or its close suburbs.

Theses data-centers are well known as secured, have all the adequate certifications and allow direct access to almost all the other IP telecom providers available in the area.

Every colocation service, physical dedicatedvirtual (VPS) and shared hosting offers could be deployed inside 2 of these data-centers (Interxion PAR6 and Aqua Ray IVY1 at Ivry-sur-Seine) depending on availability and wishes of our customers. Offering services based on multiple data-centers allows to de deploy redundancy and multi-sites replication of hosting infrastructures or at least deported backups. This is why all these data-centers are linked together by our optic fiber network in a way that every path is at least doubled in order to maintain a 100% redundancy policy.

The 3rd data-center (TeleHouse 2 Voltaire in Paris) is used as a network Point Of Presence (POP) as it is really a place where all the IP telecom providers available in France have POPs. This makes it possible for our customer to have for instance colocation services within one of the other 2 data-centers and get access to these providers through LAN2LAN, wavelengths or dark fibers provided by Aqua Ray.

In 2016, Aqua Ray's platform was relying upon 1000 servers, 3 different data-centers, occupying 200 sqrm of data-floor and 100 KVA of power capacity. The average growth rhythm of Aqua Ray being around +20% every year.