Aqua Rays, its a European company with redundant infrastructures over 4 well known data-centers. All of them are highly secured and designed to face the unexpected. We maintain our own private rooms inside 3 third party data-centers : Bitnap datacenter Barcelona in Catalonia, Interxion 6 and TeleHouse 2 in Paris, France. Although, colocation services, dedicated servers and shared hosting mainly depends on our own data-center, propriety of Aqua Ray since 2011, located at Ivry-sur-Seine, south suburbs of Paris, France.

This data-center has began its production in May 2012 and has been built upon a very strict specifications in terms of security, redundancy and energy savings. It is maintained by our own engineers that work on site every day, and all its equipments are at least under a N+1 policy, which means that when a certain number of equipment is required to run a service properly we always add one more to be able to face any kind of breakdown without impacting the service. 

This service quality is what we offer to all our customers, along with our 12 years + experience in data-centers operation and hosting services.


Security and fire protection systems

Fire detection from the air and under the technical false-floor with double criteria with early-smoke detectors and flames detectors are based on Chubb branded equipments inconformity with the APSAD R7 policy ; Movement detection systems also operational in every room and every corridor all of them being linked to monitoring systems, alarms and remote security HQ that can be on site within the next 15 minutes following a detection. Access control is being made by RFID swipe ins and secret digit codes on every door of every room.

Power redundancy and securtity

Our normal power source is a EDF yellow ticket ; this regulated service of medium capacity comes with a special guarantee from EDF not to be lightened in the first round as most other bigger data-centers are. Power backup is made using Eaton inverters (PowerWare 9390) in a redundant N+1 formation, plugged to 2 tons of batteries (acquired Q4 2011) allowing a total power autonomy of the data-center of more than 1 hour. Upstream the power backups, a Bypass system allow us to swap on the normal service in case there is any abnormal operation with the inverters.


3 air-conditioning Stultz shelfs with a N+1 36kW capacity are blowing inside the false-floor and use recovery sheathed in the hot alleys, exploiting system in direct relaxation of refrigerating gas of type R410A ;  temperature is maintained around 16° and hygroscopy around 50% + or - 5% incise the cold corridors.


Data-center supervision is made by an information system made by Aqua Ray, named "Aqua V3", monitoring in real time any aspects of the power departures, access control, hygroscopy of the rooms, equipments self-tests status, and global network. Some of this informations can be viewed from our customers administration panel and can trigger 24/7 alerts by email or Mobile SMS.
Our global infrastructure is also based on third party preventive and curative maintenance contracts of "P2" type. Every equipment is tested following its manufacturer specifications.

Acces to the buidling

Our data-center comes with a parking lot (150 cars capacity) delivery area accessible to huge trucks, it includes a storage area, a meeting room, a cafeteria and a room of relaxation with a pool.
The site is also accessible using public transportations , Bus, Metro (lines 7 and 8), train (RER C, Mairie d'Ivry) and there are many restaurants around.

About Energy savings and PUE

The average PUE of our data-center is slightly above 1,35 (should be 1,33 in theory), this can be obtained thanks to our inverters running on "savings" mode which is intended to limit their inverting capacity in order to save more energy.