Be protected in any circumstances!

Back-up your data daily; replicated 3 times on an externalized site

Aqua Ray’s offer protects your data against theft and hacking.

Automatic Cloud Backup Linux service for your server

Benefits of the solution:

Best compression ratio on the market

Improved performance through local caching

Gradual back-up to preserve servers’ per formance

Ability to restore your data at any time!


The best of Aqua Ray’s security:

Data encryption through state-of-the-art algorithms and protocols (AES, Camellia,

Encryption key is solely detained and known by client

Data mirroring: increase the number of back-up instances for ultimate security

Redundancy: high availability through Cloud Gateway solution

No more risk of data loss: every back-up is replicated 3 times

In practice:

  • Set your back-up parameters up (daily, weekly, monthly etc.)
  • Your server is backed-up fully or in part accor ding to parameters
  • Data is stored on highly secured sovereign French Cloud (Tier IV): Cloudwatt

Fully secured external back-up Linux service !

Offer Shared CGW CGW Enterprise
Installed on Aqua Ray server Shared
between several users
(VPS 2 cores, RAM 4 GB, 50 GB HDD)
Minimum capacity 500 GB 5 TB
Set-up costs Included with
level 3 & 4 outsourced
Encryption Yes - all the time (encryption key shared with Aqua Ray) Yes - all the time
Key strictly private
On-the-fly compression    
Local caching Yes (shared between
several users)
Yes (with 1TB)
Access SFTP Any protocol
Volume increase available Yes,
by 500 GB step
by 5 TB step
Price (ex. VAT Per month) 19 € 299,50 €
Increase limit 2 TB Unlimited
Options available
(on quote)
  Redundancy striping
& mirroring
Linux compatible servers