Cloud Gateway TM


A virtual Appliance that is a real game changer for data storage
within your infrastructure

Permanently store your data

NAS server for file storage
  • No substantial upfront cash outflow
  • 100% pay-per-use model
  • Operates as a traditional NAS
  • Compatible with your infrastructure
  • Higher redundancy and security levels than with a physical NAS
  • More than 50% savings on your storage budget

Cloud GatewayTM by Nuage Labs is a software that can be installed on any physical or virtual resource

It includes our Cloud GatewayTM technology allowing the display of Cloud storage services (object mode) as if they were standard local volumes (NAS, file mode).

It makes externalization of storage possible by addressing all usual problematics.

NAS lowcost for file storage on the Cloud

In order to fit your needs, we offer you 2 options to choose from

NAS Serveur for online storage
  Cloud storage for SaaS applications Virtual NAS storage for SaaS Apps
Openstack connector    
S3 connector    
Displays a local volume (NAS)    
NFS / CIFS / (s)FTP export    
Acceleration, smart local caching    
Deployment on virtual machine    
Deployment on physical machine    
On the fly encryption    
On the fly data compression    
Simultaneous management of multiple Clouds    
Mirroring and striping functions    
10TB of Object storage included    
Excluding tax    
 * NAS: Network Attached Storage

Cloud GatewayTM competitive advantages

  • Cloud GatewayTM is the only Cloud gateway solution distributed as a software, for more flexibility
  • Cloud GatewayTM is the most flexible solution, all its parameters can be configured, its formats are standard and documented
  • Cloud GatewayTM is ready for high availability, easily deployed in active / passive fail-over mode
  • Cloud GatewayTM is the only product on the market implementing multiple encryption protocols (not only AES256) and also supporting PFS and HSM (Hardware Security Modules)
  • Cloud GatewayTM is the only existing solution allowing to connect multiple Clouds simultaneously, in mirroring or striping mode
  • Cloud GatewayTM is simply the most performant solution on the market thanks to the technologies used for its development and its unique local Smart caching algorithm