IP transit IPv6 ready in France

Our Network Solutions based in France

Aqua Ray is operating its own network identified at the RIPE NCC (European Networks) under the A/S number AS41653.

In order to build this network solution, we decided to work with different providers selected for their service quality and network capilarities in Europe. These providers include : Interoute, Cogent, and C4L.

Aqua Ray's network covers France and Spain. This network allows us to provide more safety and a high quality of service...

The strict provisioning management, allows an important oversizing on the whole networks nodes, which guarantees excellent performances, even in the event of intensive bandwidth use. Our routing method considers performance rather than cost, which is why we always use the shortest and least busy path first. The number of AS PATH and jumps is reduced, which makes it possible to have low latency times and optimal performances. Aqua Ray is also conducing an open-peering policy.

In order to prevent any failure, Aqua Ray's engineering team is on duty 24/7/365 and all our network equipments are guaranteed by either Foundry Networks (Brocade) or Cisco.

That way our network remains fully available 100% of time with a global Transit capacity of 2x1 Gbps. It's maximum capacity could be raised up to 10 Gbps without changing any network equipment if required in a short future.